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Teaching and Learning Commitments


Parents, community and staff working together to develop lifelong learners and contributing members of our society.


We envision a school in which staff:

•Demonstrate accountability for each student through on-going assessment;

•Regularly collaborate within and between teams;

•Address the needs of the whole child, including academic, social and emotional development;

•Research and implement “best practices”;

•All work together toward common goals; and

•Welcome and utilize parent/community involvement.

Collective Commitments

In order to attain the vision we have for our school, the following collective commitments were established by Highland Elementary staff:

•Develop and implement common assessments that are aligned with district frameworks;

•Utilize the Student Profile to analyze all testing data;

•Apply time and structure for creative teaming for all staff;

•Examine and utilize building, district and community resources to support the whole child;

•Participate in job-embedded opportunities for on-going collaboration and professional development;

•Enhance professional skills through acquired knowledge and staff development;

•Develop agreed-upon goals directly related to student achievement; and

•Evaluate building needs to broaden opportunities for community involvement at Highland.