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Help stock the Highland Elementary Bottle Blast!

We will play Bottle Blast at the Highland Family Fun Walk on May 24th! The Bottle Blast is a popular game of chance where everyone wins a new plastic bottle of…something! The more bottles the more fun! 

How can we donate? Bring bottles to school or send them with your student(s) any time now through Friday, May 20. Students will have a collection box in their classroom. If you prefer to make a cash donation, we’ll do the shopping for you! Please make checks payable to SCOTTIE DOGS BOOSTER CLUB  and label the check “Bottle Blast Cash.”

100% of the proceeds go directly to Highland Elementary.

What kind of bottles can we donate? Only new, unopened, plastic bottles. No glass or condiments. Also, do not send in cases of water, cans, travel size or expired items.

  • Shampoo and conditioner bottles
  • Liter pop or juice bottles
  • Big Bubbles
  • Sport drinks bottles
  • Chocolate syrup bottles
  • Bubble bath bottles

This is a competition between the Highland classrooms! Weekly, each class will have the opportunity to earn the Golden Bottle Award to proudly display in their classroom for the week. The class that brings in the highest grand total will earn a pizza party!